Scrabble Cheat

Scrabble Cheat

Super fast scrabble cheat tool designed for mobile devices. Simply enter your letters and it will generate a list of words you can make from the letters on your rack.

Words in tested

We Found 24 words.

6 Letter Scrabble Words

detest (7 pts)
tested (7 pts)

5 Letter Scrabble Words

deets (6 pts)
steed (6 pts)

4 Letter Scrabble Words

dees (5 pts)
seed (5 pts)
deet (5 pts)
teed (5 pts)
teds (5 pts)
tees (4 pts)
sett (4 pts)
stet (4 pts)
test (4 pts)
tets (4 pts)

3 Letter Scrabble Words

dee (4 pts)
ted (4 pts)
see (3 pts)
tee (3 pts)
set (3 pts)
tet (3 pts)

2 Letter Scrabble Words

de (3 pts)
ed (3 pts)
es (2 pts)
et (2 pts)

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Scrabble Cheat

This scrabble cheat tool spots the possible answers to a word puzzle. This project is built around a fast anagram solving engine that rearranges letters into the words you can make. It then calculates the appropriate score for that scrabble play.

To get started, enter your letters and press the Big Green Button!

This version lists solutions by length; we have other versions: anagram makers first letter and length, alphabetical order, ranked by scrabble points.

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  • Scrabble Cheat Tips

    Fast, simple. Everything you need in a scrabble cheat tool and nothing else. That was the vision behind this site, a fast dictionary search built for easy use on mobile phones. And unlike many of our fly-by-night competitors, this site includes a variety of the latest privacy protection features, such as HTTPS web serving. We're not really sure why hackers, international criminals, and shadowy intelligence agencies may want to monitor your scrabble cheat activity but rest assured... your little request for help is between us.

    This site is also free of annoying pop-up and banner advertising, for a better scrabble cheat experience. You can quickly load and browse the list of words you can play without interferance from blocky banners that slow down the site. We may allow a few (well-behaved) ads in the future to help pay the server bills, hidden away in a corner somewhere. But we remain dedicated to ensure you have a fast loading solver without any annoying interferance from ads and other garbage. I mean, if you really want to spend hours watching some stupid video to load, you're more than welcome to visit one of our competitors sites. Otherwise, bookmark us and you've got a quick, easy way to get what you really need: scrabble help!

    Lets face it. This is just a fast dictionary search with a points scoring mechanism. This scrabble helper calculates how many points you can get for playing your word on the board. See - look - we just solved another word. We're available 24 hour hours a day, seven days a week... unless the site is down for some arcane reason. We would ask you to send us an email if the scrabble helper isn't working, but we strongly suspect you probably wouldn't even see this page.

    As for the rest of it, user instructions are pretty simple. Enter your letters in the box at the top of the page. Hit "get words". Look north, wave both hands in the air, yell "SCRABBLECHEAT.ME" at the top of your lungs. The tool will generate a list of words sorted by word length and scrabble points value. If you need a larger resource, check out the scrabble cheat guide. We're sure a couple of those steps probably aren't totally necessary to use the scrabble helper but hey... can't hurt and we could definitely use the free publicity! So yell 'scrabble cheat' at the top of your lungs in the most public place you can think of... we're fairly sure that nobody will say anything to you. They might giggle and talk about you behind your back, but that's the price of fame, isn't it?

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