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What words can you spell with?

What is a word finder?

Simple. You give us letters and we look at them to find what words can you spell. You can use it as a scrabble word maker, scrabble word cheat, or scrabble word generator. We use a couple of different words to describe it so Google will know what the heck we are talking about. No, you cannot buy a scrabble word generator on sale at Home Depot.

There's a sale on generators at Home Depot?

Beats me. We're talking about a scrabble word generator, not some smoking hunk of iron which consumes gas and burps out electricity. Unlike your typical generator, which emits loads of carbon monoxide and other stuff that can kill you, our scrabble word generator is completely safe to use in an enclosed space. Thanks to an efficient design, it is powered by a trivial amount of electricity in your cellular phone.

What does safety have to do with word games?

Actually, I'm glad you asked. The Word Finder Safety committee has some important safety tips about using scrabble word generators safely. First, while you can use the word finder in an enclosed area, be sure that nobody else in that space is actually playing online scrabble. There is a high likelihood that you would be immediately revealed as a scrabble cheat. If there is a high chance of being caught, we suggest letting your neighbors in on the joke and making sure they have an appropriate beverage available. If you want to be very careful, wear a helmet, safety boots, and a high visibility vest. Not because it will make using the scrabble word finder easier, but you will certainly be far more memorable in the process.

How can I find words with these letters in them?

Use our word finder above.

What if I need words with these letters and a blank?

Apparently this version supports using wildcard characters.

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