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Zen and the Art of Building a Better Words With Friends Cheat

Continuing our adventures in calculated absurdity, behold this latest innovation: a word cheat. Perfectly calibrated to serve as a words with friends word finder... transforming the game into: cheat with friends?

Wait, is there a cheat for words with friends?

Yes! We use the very latest in mobile web technology to deliver the very best word cheat we can deliver. This site uses Google's AMP technology to ensure the site loads quickly and efficiently on your mobile phone. Tired of waiting to get the answers to Words With Friends? Our super-fast words with friends finder generates answers at a rapid rate, unencumbered by advertising and other pest-ware. This page is fully interactive; we don't reload anything we don't have to.

Can someone cheat on Words With Friends?

Sadly, yes, if you look hard enough you will find a word cheat or two lurking in this friendly game. We might as well call it cheat with friends. My interest in writing word solvers started when one of our good friends got a little too good at word games and started cheating on my wife. Hey, that's my job (JUST KIDDING! No really, Honey... we're only talking about word games here. PUT. THE. FLOWER. POT. DOWN. All we're talking about is a words with friends cheat.). In any event, I got interested in how to write a fast and efficient word cheat. Just for Science, of course. And keeping someone's ego in check.

How do I get better at Words With Friends?

Contrary to the spirit of this site, fast dictionaries and word cheat sites don't really help you. Most Scrabble and words with friends games are decided by how well you build off words on the board and block opponents from getting to key spaces. Practice is the best option. You will get an eye for good places to place tiles. Until then, feel free to use our word cheat to try to make up some of the gap.

Is Words With Friends good for your brain?

The official answer from actual scientists is all these "brain training" games don't make you smarter. That being said, intelligence is relative. If you're going to gamble the health of your remaining grey matter, would you rather bet on words with friends or FortNite and Daytime Soap Operas?

What does green dot mean on words with friends?

A green dot by someone's name indicates they are online, similar to many social network messenger services. Perhaps you should challenge them to a game? Maybe they are bored.

How do I get words with friends on my new phone?

Go to the relevant app store. Bookmark us first, so you have a word cheat if you get stumped.

How many times can you pass in Words With Friends?

You can use pass as often as you wish as long as your friend isn't passing. However, if pass is used three times in a row between the two players the game is over.

How do you end a game on words with friends??

The game ends when one player plays every tile in his rack, and there are no tiles remaining to draw from. The game could also end if three successive turns have occurred with no scoring and as long as the score is not zero-­zero. Or you can use our word cheat to see if you can get them to ragequit, although that isn't very sporting. But can be funny.

How do you unfreeze Words With Friends?

Go to your home screen and kill the app, like any other app in your mobile phone. Or turn the phone on and off. Either works.

What is word strength in Words With Friends??

A feature that tells you two things about a word. First, if the word is valid. Second, how strong the word is relative to all the possible words you can play. If you're not happy with your word strength, use a word cheat for other ideas.

What does Sowpods stand for?

SOWPODS official word list used for most scrabble tournaments except in the US and Canada. It is an anagram of the initials of the original two official dictionaries used when SOWPODS was developed. This covers most of the international scrabble word list.

What do you mean by a sustainable word cheat?

We think this page is better for the environment than other word cheat sites. By conserving energy and bandwidth, we help reduce the aggregate load all these rampant scrabble cheaters put on Mother Earth. This words with friends cheat helper is built to consume as little energy and network bandwidth as possible, reducing the carbon footprint of the entire website and the mobile phones used to access it. A modest contribution, I know, but everyone must do their part. I mean - it has to be better than bitcoin mining, no? Or playing FortNite excessively? For best energy use, turn the light on your mobile screen down a bit.

And Egalitarian?

You could even argue we are pursuing a more egalitarian web. Google's AMP framework is designed to render quickly and efficiently on less sophisticated mobile phones and slower networks. This allows us to reach a much broader group of web users and deliver better service than many of our peers. Most bandwidth hogging word cheat sites are chock full of advertising, chewing up your data plan and draining your mobile phone battery. Taken to a logical extreme, only people with great phones and massive batteries can become a words with friends cheat. But not us. Consider us your friendly local words with friends cheat sheet. In digital format, of course. We are a wwf cheat for the masses.

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